White buffets for your design home

White buffets for your design home kk cabinets 750

White furniture looks good in every room. That’s a fact! It doesn’t matter if you have a luxurious contemporary house or a classic old mansion. If you choose the right white buffet, appropriate to the house’s style, white is always a good option.

Mondrian Sideboard by Boca do Lobo  White buffets for your design home mondrian by boca do lobo

Mondrian by Boca do Lobo.


Soho gave name to one of Boca do Lobo’s collections; this piece was also responsible for the first international steps of the brand. The sideboard was presented for the first time in London, one of the biggest and international stages of design. The attitude and irreverence reflected by this piece made it an iconic piece for our brand. Soho White Sideboard was never unnoticed in any part of the world. Drawers that count different and varied techniques from glass to wood, lacquer color to mirror and gold leaf compose the contemporary sideboard, finely refined by brass handles. Boca do Lobo’s Soho modern sideboard is an exquisite work of art and one of the best sellers and icons of the brand.

delightfull_atomic-sputnik-modern-living-room-multi-light-sphere-chandelier-02  White buffets for your design home delightfull atomic sputnik modern living room multi light sphere chandelier 02

Monocle Buffet.

Sideboard by Barcelona Design  White buffets for your design home MDF sideboard

Sideboard by Barcelona Design.

Shanxi Sideboard by Puji  White buffets for your design home shanxi

Shanxi Sideboard by Puji.

Incunabular Sideboard by Invisible City  White buffets for your design home incunabular by invisible city

Incunabular Sideboard by Invisible City.

Moreover, white is a color that conveys tranquility, peace, calm. The ideal feelings when you return home after a hard day of work.

Therefore, we present you the best white sideboards for your luxury home. And, trust us, you will definitely want one of these after reading this!

White buffets for your design home bl cabinets 750

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