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Bathroom Vanities – Cabinets

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Bathroom Cabinets can be uniques. Let’s see some inspiring design ideas for Bathroom Vanities Cabinets.

symphony-washbasin-1  Bathroom Vanities – Cabinets symphony washbasin 1 1


With a vision to understand the past and interpret it through cutting-edge technology and contemporary design, we have created this emotionally washbasin passionately inspired by music. Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breathtaking piece is of genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance. The golden gives a luxury touch to every bathroom.

metropolitan-washbasin-1  Bathroom Vanities – Cabinets metropolitan washbasin 1


At 5th Avenue, we can visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. MAISON VALENTINA pays a tribute to this culture center by creating Metropolitan, a sober yet elegant washbasin. This piece has a wood body and the front of the cupboard is in cut mirror. The exterior of the washbasin has two available finishes, black glass or gray mirror, with refined craftsman work on the mirror. The interior is made from solid wood available in two finishes (mahogany or oak). The legs are in wood and come in four finishes (white, black, silver or gold).

bathroom-rugs-maison-valentina1  Bathroom Vanities – Cabinets bathroom rugs maison valentina1A white cabinet can be a great choice to have a clean and luxury bathroom.

bathroom-rugs-maison-valentina2  Bathroom Vanities – Cabinets bathroom rugs maison valentina2

A dark cabinet in the bathroom can definitely change the entire look of the luxury bathroom.

bathroom-rugs-maison-valentina3  Bathroom Vanities – Cabinets bathroom rugs maison valentina3

The most beautiful pink bathroom cabinet, it can change the look of a bathroom.

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